3D Game Programming using Unity3D

Instructor: Dr. Jamal Alsakran
Office location: KASIT 1st floor (Computer Science Department)
Office hours: 12 - 1 (Sun, Tue, Thurs)


Academic Integrity:
All programs submitted must be your own work, and you are expected to develop your programs independently. You may receive as much help as you wish on the use of the operating system, text editors, debuggers and so on. You may consult with other members of the class about interpreting the assignment, and you may get help in finding bugs, but not fixing bugs, but you are not allowed to look at or copy another person's code or discuss design decisions with others, and you cannot show your code to others. Students found to be in violation of these guidelines will fail the project

Course Objective:
The course intends to cover the followings:

Course Content:

Date Topic Notes
Thursday March 19 Amazing Racer Game
Sunday March 29 Rigidbody, Collision, Trigger, and Raycasting
Tuesday March 31 Chaos Ball Game
Sunday April 12 Animation Warrior Model
Sunday April 19 Coin Collection Game


Homework Final Project Final Exam
30 30 40

Grading Scale:

A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F
100 - 93 92 - 87 86 - 82 81 - 77 76 - 71 70 - 66 65 - 62 61 - 58 57 - 54 53 - 50 49 - 35 34 - 0

Unity References:
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C++ Programming from problem analysis to program design

Unity Game Development Essentials, by Will Goldstone, 2009, PACKT.

C++ Programming from problem analysis to program design

Unity3d website

Blender website

Graphics References:
Computer Graphics lecture notes.