Numerical Analysis (1901351 )

Instructor: Dr. Jamal Alsakran
Office location: KASIT 1st floor (Computer Science Department)
Office hours: 12 - 1 (Sun, Tue, Thur)

Prerequisite: Computer Skills for Scientific Faculties (1901102)

Syllabus pdf

Course Content:

Date Topic Notes
Feb 4 Introduction to MATLAB
Feb 14 Ch1: Preliminaries
Feb 18 Homework#1
Due Date: Thursday 25 Feb. in class
Feb 21 Ch2: The Solution of Nonlinear Equations f(x)=0
March 3 Practice:
FixedPoint.m  Bisection.m  FalsePosition.m
NewtonRaphson.m  Secant.m
f.m  df.m  PlotFn.m
March 3 Homework#2
Due Date: Thursday 10 March. in class or via Elearning
March 6 Ch3: The Solution of linear Systems AX=B - Part1
Midterm Exam on Sunday 13/3/2016 at (3 - 4)
March 10 Midterm Spring2013
March 17 Midterm Spring 2016 - Solution
March 20 Ch3: The Solution of linear Systems AX=B - Part2

BackSubstitution.m  UpperTriBackSub.m
Jacobi.m  GSeid.m
March 28 Ch5: Curve Fitting
April 2 Homework#3
Due Date: Sunday April 10 via Elearning
April 19 Ch6: Numerical Differentiation
April 21 Matlab Practical Quiz
April 26 Ch7: Numerical Integration
May 3 Matlab Practical Quiz:
Pick a non-linear function of your choice (One that you can find derivative for by hand), we are going to approximate the derivative using central difference formulas we learned in class. Your output will look like a table of 3 columns, one for h (step size), the second column shows the exact derivative value, and the last for the approximated derivative.
May 8 Totals (out of 50) (updated May 11, 2016)
May 8 Final Exam Spring 2013
Final Exam is going to be held on Tuesday May 17, 2015 from (9 - 11) at KASIT 102
For those who have a final exam conflict with Computer Graphics, you are going to take the Computer Graphics final at 8:30 and come to our final right after


MidTerm Homework & Assignments Final
25 25 50

Text Book:
Mathews. J.H, Fink. K.D, Numerical Methods Using MATLAB, 4th edition, Prentice Hall

Computer Graphics with OpenGl